IPv4 AS graph for Lebanon


The IPv4 AS graph represents the interconnection between Autonomous Systems (AS) in Lebanon based on the BGP tables from bgp.potaroo.net. In this graph, lebanese ASes are represented by orange rectangles and international providers by green ellipses. Two ASes, e.g., AS X and AS Y are connected by a directed edge (AS X -> AS Y) whenever an IPv4 prefix announced by BGP transits from AS X to AS Y. Note that an IPv4 AS graph is based on BGP routing data only, not on any possible business relations between ASes.

Graph statistics

  • Number of nodes: 128
  • Number of edges: 153

IPv4 AS graph

This graph was last updated on 11:40:28 07/19/16 CEST based on RIS raw data 20160719

IPv4 AS graph